Installation view:

Disappearing St. Malo, 2022
Wood, Mylar, Nylon Nets
@ Socrates Sculpture Park, New York

Borderlands Archive at Museum of Capitalism, 2019
Installation, Research, Social Practice

Installation View
Museum of Capitalism at the Stephen and Anna Kellen Gallery, Parsons School of Design

• Location: Ana & Stephen Kellen Gallery; Museum of Capitalism; New York, NY
• Details: Pop-Up Archive Installation 
• Dimensions: varies

The Borderlands Archive traces connection across territorial divide. It is a research project, an experiment in representation and an artistic gesture towards a collective knowledge about a contested space between two counties. This ongoing project traces a non-linear history across an ancestral landscape and explores ideas about place, territory, and border as urbanism in a bi-national context. The work employs the archive as a tool for capturing moving relationships in this complex built and natural environment, and invites others to contribute to the narrative. The objective of this research is to trump existing notions about fixed borders by reconceptualizing borders as a vast space in constant flux: the borderlands. Conceptualizing borders in this way prioritizes the spatiality of borders, which for a designer like me, is a profoundly important means for understanding the complex productivity of borders and further defining edge conditions.

︎︎︎Borderlands Archive Informational Video