Disappearing St. Malo, 2022 
Public Art; Social Practice; Woven Sculpture

• Location: Socrates Sculpture Park; Long Island City , NY
• Details: Social-Structure of Wood, Woven Recycled Plastic, CMU Block
• Dimensions: 12’ x 12’ x 15’

Titled “Disappearing Saint Malo,” my proposal explores the fascinating origin story of St. Malo, the first permanent Filipino settlement in the United States by creating a free-standing social structure influenced by “Manila-Style” houses that once perched over the bayous of Louisiana.  Saint Malo was described as a fantastic “Floating Village,” comprising “Manila-Style” houses on stilts. Today, due to the effects of climate change, what remains of Saint Malo is at risk of disappearing completely and sinking into the sea.

An architectural intervention, I call it a social-structure because I propose to use the structure as a stage for creative exchange by creating programs throughout the summer of 2022.

Exhibition Forthcoming - September 2022