Installation view:

Disappearing St. Malo, 2022
Wood, Mylar, Nylon Nets
@ Socrates Sculpture Park, New York

Jalisco Triptych, 2021
Textile; Woven Work

• Location: San Francisco, CA
• Details: Woven Natural Fibres, Ink on Birch Board
• Dimensions: varies

Jalisco is a triptych of three 12” x 12” weavings inspired by thatched roofs I recently encountered around coastal Jalisco, though I have childhood memories of encountering similar roof structures called “Nipa Roofs” in my homeland of the Philippines. I am likely captured by thatched roofs because of my background in urban planning and architecture. In a field that often prioritizes euro-centric forms and construction techniques, thatched roofs have maintained their presence because of their simplicity, sustainability and most notably, their style.The Jalisco series adopts the materiality of this indigenous building technique as it is constructed of dried grasses and multi-colored masonry rope. Organized as a triptych, the two-toned composition creates an abstraction of interconnectedness.