New Monuments Taskforce, 2020
Public Art; Social Practice; Activism

• Location: San Francisco, CA
• Details: Fantastical Municipal Agency or Brain Trust
• Dimensions: varies

In 2020,  I founded New Monuments Taskforce, a conceptual art project guised as a fantastical municipal agency. Through this platform, I convened a group of Bay Area artists, cultural workers and organizers to form a task force, or a brain trust, to create public facing initiatives which create space for the dialogue, design and development of New Monuments in the Bay Area. This work is really an effort to create seats at the proverbial table, create timely points for entry into civic processes and challenge top-down notions of monument making.

Our inaugural initiative was The Relic Report. Though initiatives range from publications to exhibitions to collaborating with local artists/organizations to workshops, including a recent workshop in partnership with Zero1 centered on Augmented Reality in the Public Realm called Marble & Media Lab.

Taskforce members include:
Xavier G. Buck (Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation); Cheyenne Concepcion (Artist/Designer); Anna Lisa Escobedo (YBCA); Paul Farber (Monument Lab); Elizabeth Gessel (MoAD); Lian Ladia (Curator/Organizer); Natalia Ivanona Mount (ProArts); Dyan Ruiz (People Power Media); Barry Threw (Gray Area); Shamsher Virk (Zero1); Brenda Zhang, BZ (Artist/Designer)