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Shaping the Past - Monument Lab & Goethe Institut
San Francisco, CA

The Relic Report is an unofficial municipal study of San Francisco’s monuments and memorials and their intersection with our country’s racist history. The two-part publication documents a playful investigation of monuments in the city’s civic art collection and reflects on what to do next.  A research guide of sorts, part one intended to provide fodder for critical conversations and kicked off a public comment survey which called for SF residents to respond to the presented research. Volume 2 is a creative culmination of the participants’ reflections aswell as the taskforce’s Recommendations for New Monuments.

In addition to researching, designing and publishing this report, I gathered a group of artists, activists and cultural workers to establish a taskforce called New Monuments Taskforce, which oversees the process of public engagement and serves as a braintrust for NMT’s initiatives. By creating seats at the proverbial table I introduced community-led processes into the political spectrum of monument making - a process known for being top down.

This project is part the Shaping the Past Initiative by Monument Lab x Goethe Institut, an international art initiative that addresses whom, what and how we remember in public spaces. RRV2 illustrations by Geon Joo Shin.

Relic Report Vol. 1
Relic Report Vol. 2

Press & Talks
Artist-Led Task Force Wants SF to Rethink Approach to Public Monuments

Relic Report Vol. 1 

Relic Report Vol. 2