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Installation, Social Practice, Public Art

Borderlands National Park surveys a beautiful, wild and highly politicized landscape at the edges of two countries and two cultures. The project questions the concept of protected lands in this complex environment. The National Park Service’s stated mission is to protect and preserve America’s unimpaired natural and cultural resources. If National Parks were established to preserve noble American relics and landscapes, then what would today’s society preserve? What do we believe in most? Which monuments represent us and our national dialogue the most?

Borderlands National Park was deployed through a series of art-installations on-site and off, crafted objects as souvenirs and a co-opted Nationalistic dialogue. The art disguises itself as an economic development and tourism campaign to visit the borderlands. Layered in it’s approach, the project takes monuments of colonialism and security-architecture and brands them as tourist destinations, or relics of American excellence. Ultimately, Borderlands National Park is a tongue-in-cheek effort to blur the lines between environmental protection, national-security, immigration and racism.