Capiz Column, 2019
Illuminated Capiz Column Encased in Laser cut Steel Frame, 84 in x 42 in x 20 in
Commission for SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District, SF, CA
Project Type: Public Art, Lighting Design, Signage Design, Cultural District

Native to the southern island of Panay, Capiz shells have been used for centuries by Filipino artisans for jewlery, ornamental decorations and window frame. In the 1600s Spaniards began using the shells to decorate churches as mosaics and religious sculpture. The choice to illuminate the semi-transparent capiz form, is a nod to the sun -- a theme present in our national identity and in our skin. ‘Capiz Column’ is a plaque/signage proposal for the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District which honors the neighborhood as well as this precious material. 
Set in SF’s SOMA neighborhood, the illuminated capiz column gets wrapped by an untreated galvanized steel. The untreated steel reacts to the weather in foggy San Francisco -- proudly showing its age but also adapting with time. The steel will be laser cut with text about sites throughout the neighborhood. A map showing other notable sites get cut into te other side of the frame.  

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