Spring 2017 Core Studio; Professor Walter Hood
Project Type: Urban Design, Master Plan, Environmental Design, Urban Planning
Team: Greta Aalborg-Volper, Cheyenne Concepcion, Ruochen Wang
This project devises a greener future for the Rosa Parks neighborhood in Northwest Detroit. Our site is wrought with memories of violence and destruction caused by the Military occupation of this neighborhood in 1967. This event caused long-term disengagement and divestment in the community. Today, the Rosa Parks neighborhood's urban form is defined by its high vacancies, deteriorating infrastructure and auto-centric grid. Despite this, the community that remains is closely-knit and determined to gain redemption. Ultimately, my inspiration for Danse Detroit were descriptive words of community member, Dr. Armstrong who described the lively neighborhood that once was, she said, "People used to dance here, in the streets, people used to dance here." I hope that our urban design project does just that: I hope that it gets people to dance again. 
Our 3 person team used 3 words to organize our design strategies and later influence our 3 design interventions. The 3 words were: cut, add/subtract and line. Our site is partitioned into 3 separate but overlapping spaces: Promenade, Park, and 'Play'.  For example, cut could take on the meaning of grading or cutting through buildings. 
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