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Woven Textile Sculpture on Wooden Board
25’ x 40’ x 8’
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Monument as Living Memory Series 
San Francisco, CA

Triumph of a Woman flips the narrow, often totalizing and triumphant narrative of traditional monuments on its head by making an intimate story publicly known. The textile sculpture makes use of an ordinary fishing net, handsewn bangus, paint, and the sun and wind to convey a softer, ephemeral, and personal testament of triumph. With this work, I speak to the need to tell our own stories as a form of resistance, of activism, of place-making, and of changing the narrative.

With my contribution to Monument as Living Memory, I build on my recent work advocating for more diversity in form and told histories in monuments and public art by creating a soft, ephemeral sculpture that uplifts a family story from my Grandmother’s childhood in the Philippines. It is a story of her adventurous and playful spirit, characteristics that ultimately led to her triumph.