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Stainless Steel, Wood, Paint, Rope
Makerpark, Staten Island, NY

These works are titled “Without Function” because I kept trying to turn these works into stools. I knew I wanted to “weave” metal with wood and rope but my designer training makes it feel necessary to drive “functionality” into each and all of my works, and with these two works, I ended up challenging that comfortable desire. 

However, despite my intentions to remove the sculpture’s functionality, Someone said when looking at the work “it’s not like experiencing art but architecture,” ... the designer in me still smiled.

Sometimes concept drives my work, but in this case, the material and form drove the direction of these sculptures. I wanted to play with a restrained material composition of steel and wood and a soft textile component.

What I was left with was two upright and minimalist sculptures that catch light and are quietly powerful - kind of like really good architecture.

These works were compelted as part of a Public Art Residency with Makerpark NYC and will be installed for one-year.

    Without Function No. 1 (L)  
    68” x 28” x 8”  
    Stainless Steel, Wood, Paint, Rope

    Without Function No. 2 (R)
    44” x 6” x 16”  
    Stainless Steel, Wood, Paint, Rope

    Renderings of Sculptures